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Year of The Wood Dragon

Updated: Jan 17


"And the trouble is, if you don’t risk anything, you risk more."

Erica Jong

On Feb 4th with the solar New Year, we welcome the year of the Wood Dragon.

2024 is a year of new beginnings but is also full of challenges on many levels, because we are also changing periods and with that the whole world is changing.


Get ready for big changes and a huge energy shift arriving with the Dragon! The Wood Dragon year is formally ushering us into the new 20-year cycle of Period 9.  Shifting from Period 8 into Period 9 we move from the very slow and grounded Earth element into the fast and transformational Fire element and the Qi is very strong for those of us who are ready to take massive action.

The age of Fire is a Spiritual Age. It can be seen as a time of increased awareness and awakening, a time when people will continue to seek greater understanding of themselves and the world around them. 

After the restructuring year of the Water Rabbit, which was Yin in nature, 2024 is all Yang, a time where we will all have the energy to embark on ambitious challenges encouraged by an atmosphere of strength, action and courage. The cautious climate of the past year gives way to a strong propensity to take on risks in all areas of life.


Are you ready to harness your greatness?


Dragon is the only animal in the Chinese zodiac that is a mythical creature. It has the highest vision and broadest reach as they soar the highest and the furthest. It’s a year to look beyond the confines and to dream big, to envision the future we want. Getting clarity on our purpose or mission is essential.

Dragons are bold, proud and fearless. Prepare for a high energy action year with motivation drive and ambition to step out of our comfort zones and get things done. Determined and competitive Dragons are also known for their generosity and loyalty. Strong, self confident and commanding, dragons are natural born leaders. This year we should all strive to embody these qualities in ourselves!

Yang Wood is about creativity, wisdom, vitality, growth, learning, inventiveness, cooperation, having clear direction, and taking action. It stands for authenticity, being the author of your own life. Wood element gives structure to the vision. Dragon combined with the vitality and growth of Wood element creates a dynamic force of innovation and adaptability.


Key Lesson: Embrace your inner light, be open to new experiences and be Authentic

Will you choose to use the energy of the year, with all the change and transformation available to us, to grow and transform? As always the choice is yours.


Once again, we find ourselves in a time of great change with opportunities for new beginnings. And as human beings, change and new beginnings are not easy. Having a daily spiritual practice, self-care rituals, and slowing down to reflect on and repair our relationships continues to be of the utmost importance. By healing ourselves we heal the collective.

Sending you so much love,



ps Obviously the energy of the year affects everyone differently depending on your birth chart. Reach out for a birth chart reading if you would like a full analysis of how to work with the energy of the year!

Also available are annual energy update for anyone who has already had a birth chart reading. In these 1-hour readings I give another in-depth analysis of your birth chart and offer you all you need to know about how to work with the energy of the Year of the Wood Dragon!







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