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residential feng shui


Living in a home with good Feng Shui will benefit every person in the home with more opportunities, positive mental well-being, increased energy, improved wealth and prosperity, positive relationships, and in general life flows better. Feng Shui Consults can be done virtually. This remote service is very accurate and the consult is delivered to the client over Zoom.



An in-depth home consultation includes a virtual or site visit , an assessment of the space and the individuals living in it. When doing a Classical Feng Shui consult we look the the Chinese Astrology (Bazi) chart of each person using the space to make informed decisions about how best to align the people with the space. This is then followed by a full report including a diagnosis with easy-to- follow outlined recommendations. Follow up support is always available with annual site visits offering recommendations as to how to work with the timely "stars" of each year.


One of the main principals of Feng Shui is that the majority of the energy that surrounds us comes from the land and natural landforms. Choosing the right piece of land, floor plan, or house and where to place the building are all important decisions. A Feng Shui Consultation, prior to making any one of one these decisions can ensure you are harnessing the positive energy of a prospective piece of land or house. Working with floor plans prior to building is the best way to ensure a home or office that connects to the inhabitants and receives all the benefits from the positive energy of the surrounding area.




When we clear our space of clutter, we invite good energy into our homes. And when our homes are energetically aligned, it creates room for us to be happier and healthier. The Feng Shui philosophy is that everything is energy, and everything is connected - meaning every single thing we own carries an energy that is either enhancing or derailing our potential. Every single thing we own requires its own space, and when our things have a sense of belonging, so do we. This is where I come in! Let me help you free yourself from your clutter and move into a lighter, more harmonious and happier state.

Are you ready? 



I have years of experience renovating and decorating my own home as well as the homes of my friends and family. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to support someone through the big decisions about how to make their space work for them and what colours, furniture and art to bring into those spaces.  Add in Feng Shui and I have the ability to really make an impact through the formula’s and energy work I use to create harmony and beauty in any space and positively affect those living and working in them.

Reach out for a free consult!

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