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Birth Chart Calculator

bazi | chinese astrology

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Here are a few tips to get you started on how to read your birth chart:


  • The Hour and Day Pillars represent your inner/home life. Who you really are at home.

  • The Month and Year Pillars represent how others perceive you and how you act in the outside world.

  • The Hour Pillar represents your hopes and dreams, creativity and children, it also represents your life from age 53 till death.

  • The Day Pillar is your core self and spouse, it also represents your life from age 35-52.

  • The Month Pillar is your core character as seen by others, your parents and career, it also represents life from age 18-34.

  • The Year Pillar is your health, outer circle of friends and grandparents/ancestors, and represents your life from age 0-17.

The Stem of the Day Pillar is the element that reveals your true self and is called your Day Master.  In traditional Chinese Astrology, your Day Master is the reference point for your whole birth chart.

Each animal in your chart also represents your characteristics and traits, as well as they represent people and things in your life.  For a more in-depth analysis, a personal 4 Pillar Destiny Reading will reveal to you how to  make conscious decisions about relationships, health, work or money that align with your Day Master.

Enter your birth date and time (if you know it) below and your Chinese Astrology Birth Chart + ten year Luck Cycles will appear!

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