4 pillars destiny readings

bazi | chinese astrology

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Let me help you to unlock the mystery of your life through the 4 Pillars of Destiny BaZi teachings that have been around for thousands of years.


Understand your life and empower your choices!

A 4 Pillars BaZi chart reading is based on the ancient Chinese method of profile analysis used to unlock the information of a person’s inborn and potential talents. Understanding your innate potential can give you the opportunity to have better insights and make informed choices and decisions that set will you up for a better more fulfilling future.


4 Pillar BaZi readings are a fun, informative and exciting way to learn about yourself, your opportunities and your relationships. A BaZi reading can give you the information and tools that will support you in order to make conscious decisions about relationships, health, work or money and anything else you desire to know or work towards.


In a 4 Pillar BaZi analysis we have the ability to forecast upcoming opportunities or issues in the coming month, year or even your 10-year luck cycle. This allows us to work with the information and improve the outcomes by using simple and subtle recommendations.

  Readings are $125 for adults and $100 for children 
readings are available in person or over zoom



Having a BaZi reading for your child is a wonderful way to see their strengths and potential and how best to support them as they grow. Learning about the subtle nuances of a child’s personality can really help a to create opportunities that encourage and nurture their full expression. It can also support you as a parent to understand how to best relate to and communicate with your child.