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Year of the Water Rabbit

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

There is nothing permanent except change.” -Heraclitus

As we enter the Year the Water Rabbit, we have the exciting opportunity to flow with the changes of the global energy and focus, of this coming year's energy. According to Chinese Astrology the Rabbit is considered a gentle creature, known for thinking things through before acting. The Rabbit represents peaceful and patient energy, and this energy will encourage us to approach challenges and opportunities more rationally and with calmness. The Water present in this year brings intuition and peace. Water is all about tapping into our inner wisdom, trusting our instincts and encourages us to be more in tune with our emotions and sensitive to those around us.

2023 will be more introspective as Yin Water and Yin Rabbit are both present in the Year Pillar. Yin represents introspection, divine feminine and receptive energies.

Rabbit is pure Yin Wood Qi which is symbolized as a vine or flower or more simply, a blossom. After three years of hard lessons and growth on an exponential and global level we are now asked to use what we have learned and to blossom.

Deep transformation can occur when we incorporate a daily a spiritual practise into our lives. This is very important at this time. Even if it’s just a few minutes a day sitting in stillness connecting to the divine essence that resides in each of us and that of source energy. Gratitude raises our vibration, lifts our spirits and brings us into alignment with our very natural state of deep unconditional love. Incorporating a gratitude practise is also essential and will deeply support us through this transformational time.

Being aware of and living in flow with nature is another key theme. This means working with the energy of the seasons, listening to your body and working when energized, resting when tired etc. Water Rabbit Year is an opportunity for all of us to tap into our authentic selves and bring what we have to offer to the world.

If we look at the chart of the year as a whole, we see there is an abundance of Wood and Fire and a little Water with Earth and Metal also present in the hidden stems. The element of Wood is represented by growth, Fire by happiness and Water by wisdom. Growth and happiness can be achieved if we tap into the wisdom we have all accumulated through the events of the last few years.

If we just look at the Year Pillar on its own, there are only two main energies present – Yin Water and Yin Wood. Yin Water is a cloud and Yin Wood is a flower or vine. It is time to implement everything we have learned over the past two to three years and to blossom! We also see Yin Water sitting on what in Chinese Astrology is known as Creative Output Qi in the form of Eating God (EG). Indicating it is a year where innovation and problem solving energy is strong.

People with Yin Water Rabbit in their chart have a thirst for knowledge and are innovative, have quick wit and a strong sense of self. Rabbit is a Peach Blossom so is sexually attractive and may have alternative desires and tastes in this realm! This is a pillar that is not generally known for monogamy. They are sensitive and determined, compassionate and generous.

Go forth and prosper my friends, in a year where the energy will definitely be less outwardly dynamic than 2022. I believe if we are doing the spiritual work, this year offers us a great opportunity to realize our true destiny. Find a spiritual practice that aligns with you, be it yoga, meditation, prayer, breath work, Qi Gong or a combination of all! Spend time in nature, stay grounded and at the same time look to the light. Keep looking to the light, for this is where the love is.

Sending so much love,

ps obviously the energy of the year affects everyone differently depending on your birth chart. Reach out for a birth chart reading if you would like a full analysis of how to work with the energy of the year!

Also available is an "annual energy update" for anyone who has already had a birth chart reading. In these1 hour readings I give another in-depth analysis of your birth chart and offer you all you need to know about how to work with the energy of the Year of the Water Rabbit!

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