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Year of the Water Tiger

Change is upon us once again. As the Chinese New Year approaches, so too does a whole new global energy and focus. The Year of the Water Tiger is going to feel vastly different than the last two, but no less intense, as we continue to grow and evolve as a species.

As we contemplate the changes that have occurred in the world and in us over the last 2 years, let us be uplifted. For it is from the most difficult of times that we learn and grow.

On December 21, 2020 we experienced the Grand Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, a time that many astrologers believed to be the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. And in Chinese Astrology this marked the early stages of the beginning of Age 9 which officially starts in 2024 but can already be felt. The number 9 is represented by the element of Fire which is transformation, spirituality, passion and joy and is also represented by the middle-aged woman. This era – which lasts for 20 years, will support this ideology and demographic. It is the time to honour the divine feminine in everyone.

Male energy and patriarchy are goal oriented and based on the theory of scarcity, while the female energy and matriarchy is process oriented and, with the right process, there is no scarcity. The goal oriented, striving and eternal growth energy is not sustainable and is currently being forced to change. Now is the time for reflection and inner work, creativity and slow sustainable growth. We have been living in a world that has been mostly Yang energy and it is now time to embrace more Yin energy. I firmly believe that if we all honoured our female energy there would be no war. The divine feminine would NEVER send their sons, brother, lovers, fathers into a war where they kill each other. Honouring this divine energy in us all will bring us back to centre.

We need both the divine masculine and the divine feminine in each of us working in balance to be whole.

An important aspect to this process is the practice of selflove and selfcare. When we learn to love and care for ourselves, only then will we be able to love and care for each other and our mother earth. Never before has this been so important and I believe this is crucial to our continued enlightenment and our very survival.

This new cycle of consciousness actually began in 2020 with the year of the Metal Rat. This was the year we were asked to look inside, as many of us were trapped in our homes with the lockdowns that came with the start of the pandemic. It was time to go inside and find ourselves and really get to sit with, and come to terms with, our feelings. Many of us came out of this time different people. The Rat is the first animal on the zodiac wheel and is located at zero degrees. This time represented the beginning of the great “reset” that we all currently living through.

2021 was the Year of the Metal Ox and the image of this year is diamonds emerging from the earth. Things that were hidden were excavated for us to see them for what they are. Things that perhaps blocked us from moving forward were brought into the light to be looked at. It was considered by many astrologers the year to discover what we are good at and bring it to the next level. In 2021 we were all asked to transform, and it was a painful process.

2022 is the Year of The Mystic. The day pillar of the year is the image of the earth shrouded in mist. Will we be lost in the fog, or will we trust that we can find our way even though we can’t see clearly?

The year also has 3 tigers and two of them are Water Tiger Pillars. The Water Tiger Pillar is one of the “ten spiritual pillars” in Chinese Astrology, so we can expect more opportunities for spiritual growth leading to inner peace. All the water indicates wisdom and fear, and this year the waters are deep. We can see how this chart is imbalanced, by the fact that there is no metal present. This may indicate problems with government and that the economy will continue to change, as these are metal structures. The Water/Wood/Fire elements present in the chart are all in a relationship, as water produces wood and in turn wood produces fire. This relational process indicates that we will be more supportive of one another, and collectively, there will be more happiness (fire element represents happiness) and personal growth (wood element represents growth).

2022 is good year for self reflection. The tiger is seen looking into the water and seeing herself for how others see her. This is part of our journey this year as well. The Water Tiger pillar, is also known as the Amazon River, a large body of water running through a land of spiritual beings.

On February 18, 2022 something very special happens! This day has 4 water tiger pillars, representing a powerful day where a portal opens, creating a potent time to work with the spiritual energy and set intentions. This type of chart happens only about once a century!

I invite you to work with this energy and take the time to contemplate how you visualize your future. See yourself doing the things you want to be doing and feel how that feels. Visualization works best when you can really get into the feeling of what your visions bring you. This is a potent and beautiful time to be alive. We all chose to be here now. What can you bring to this time to support the change that is coming? How can you make a difference?

Sending lots of love,


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