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The Love of Feng Shui

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

One of the main things I love about Feng Shui is at the core of its teachings, known as the Cosmic Trinity

I have fallen in love with the Feng Shui principal that 33% of our lives are governed by Heaven Luck – which is believed to have arrived at the time of our birth and is part of our DNA. Another 33% is Earth Luck – where we live and the and energies that reside in that place based on geographical formations, landmarks, bodies of water and mountains as well and to a lesser degree our manmade forms such as roads and buildings. And the remaining 33% is based on Man Luck, or basically what we do with the first two principals. In other words, how we conduct our lives, creates the outcome of them. Also known as karma…..what you put out comes back.

“How we conduct our lives, creates the outcome of them. Also known as karma... what you put out comes back.”

All three principals leave room for personal choice. While Heaven Luck may seem immovable, there are things one can do like studying Astrology to better understand your personalities and tendencies and to work with them. As an example, in Chinese Astrology, I am a Yin Water sign (Gui), and have very little Fire present in my 4 Pillar BaZi birth chart. A balanced person has all of the five elements - Wood, Earth, Fire, Metal & Water present in their chart. Many do not. Water is permeable, soaks into everything, can be moody and unpredictable. Think of a rain cloud. Fire on the other hand is warm and bright and uplifting. Think of the Sun. Since I only have a little bit of Fire in my birth chart, I subconsciously have always had to create that element by the choices I make each day. Having studied my own chart and these concepts, I discovered why I have such a strong inner drive to get outside and sweat every single day. This is one way for me to create my own fire. It is also happens to make me very happy! Without it I am just a rain cloud.

Learning to bring the elements into your life that support and inspire you are just one of the many things a 4 Pillar Bazi Birth Chart reading can do to enhance your life.



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