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Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Feng Shui is founded on the concept that the energy from our surroundings is what affects us

One of the things I love about Feng Shui is that it is founded on the concept that our surroundings affect us. Some of what surrounds us is invisible to the naked eye but there are many who can feel the energy that surround us. If you pay attention. What you can see with the naked eye also affects us. Beauty and aesthetics play an important role in how we feel in a space and helps support the kind of vibration we attune to. It is said that we are attracted to our homes because they speak to us through vibrations. We are attracted to the vibration that feels comfortable, or familiar to us.

There is a theory that if you were born into a wealthy family your ability to attract wealth is easier than those who were not born into a wealthy family. It comes back to the theory of vibration again. If you are familiar with the energy of wealth then it is easier for you to attract that energy. It’s basically the law of attraction. We attract that which we know, believe, think and feel.

I have learned that I am very affected by my surroundings. I have left jobs because the “space” or “energy” was not in alignment with my basic needs or desires. I was not aware of this at the time but looking back, now knowing what I know about energy, this is all makes sense to me now. I have always been attracted to spaces that are beautiful and comforting and full of light. Natural light is very important to me. I need loads of it in my home and wherever I work. I assume that most people are attracted to these things, but do they make it happen? Do they believe they deserve these things? Do they actually pay attention to their surroundings and how they make them feel?

How does your body feel in your home or place of work? Do you feel supported? At ease? Welcomed when you first enter? Just this investigation alone can help solve some of your biggest issues. And many of these issues can be solved with Feng Shui remedies that upgrade the overall energy of a space to better suit your vibration. Feng Shui can even support the interpersonal issues that occur in a space. That’s why Bazi (or Chinese Astrology) is an integral part of the study and application of Feng Shui. Each person that lives in the space is taken into account. Each person’s birth chart is researched prior to any conclusions being made by the practitioner. A space can affect each person in different ways and this is an important part of the study of any home or workspace.


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