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Five Things to Improve Energy

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

5 things you can do in your home/workspace right now to improve the energy

“True happiness is always available to us but first we have to create the environment for it to flourish”

  1. Clean and clear your front entrance. This is the first thing a Feng Shui consultant will look at upon entering a space. While first impressions are important, it’s not really about this. Having a space where Qi (energy) can collect as soon as you enter your space is vital for energy movement throughout your home or workspace.

  2. Open doors and windows. Qi needs and wants to move and what better way to let the energy in than opening things up with fresh air and natural light! In winter using a fan or aromatherapy diffuser can achieve similar results.

  3. Clean your house/workspace and move furniture in the process. Energy can get stuck under furniture and in corners. Stagnant energy can mean a stagnant life! A regular cleaning where you move furniture and clean in and around objects can produce positive results in any space.

  4. Fill your space with positive vibes. All living things infuse spaces with high vibrational energy. Having a family celebration with people you love and respect can really transform the energy of a space.

  5. Fill your space with plants. As I mentioned above all living things promote vibrations and plants offer important vibrational energies that support our daily lives. Spikey plants offer different energies than rounded leaf plants. A consultation can help with choosing the right plants for your home or workspace.


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