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Period 9 -The Age of Transformtaion

Timing is everything, and this is particularly true in the Flying Stars system of Feng Shui. All flying star charts are based on time and everything, including the magnetic field of the earth and the planets in the solar system change with time.

There are 9 periods of 20 year cycles in Chinese Metaphysics, and each Period brings its own unique energy. The next period is the last in a 180 year cycle and begins in 2024. This energy can be felt rising now, as we are at the beginning of this transformation. The energy of 9 is Fire and Fire is transformation, spirituality, joy, compassion and governs a certain demographic and body parts. The demographic is middle aged women, and the body parts are heart and eyes. We are in a new place of being able to see through illusion and women will have more influence and power during this time. Spirituality will rise and any idea, project, creation or business that comes from the heart or is spiritually based will be well received in the world.

“when it comes from the heart it goes to the heart”

This aligns with the concept that many spiritual teachers of differing modalities are talking about, and that is the current rise of the Divine Feminine. It is time to embody the essence of divine the feminine, fully embracing and returning her to the collective consciousness. By honouring the divine, it connects us to the sensory system, beyond the ordinary. It connects us to intrinsic knowing. The feminine is the essence of creativity – it is the void that all creation comes from. It is formless and a whole new way to look at things. Once embraced, there will be more people thinking differently and living their lives differently. We can see and feel this happening already. Our mindset is changing rapidly about what we know to be true. The value systems of the collective are changing to be much more about the greater good and away from the ego centric.

Now is the time to choose love over fear

Surrender to this energy. Now is not the time to “force” anything, and if we have to force it, it is not meant to be. It is a time to co-create not compete. The Divine Feminine paradigm thrives in this environment. Co- creative action is based on the theory of abundance. If we all go forth and co-create, together we will make the world where we can all live happily in and thrive. A life that is regenerative and sustainable.

Selfcare is not luxury but rather a necessity

We are in the midst of massive change in the world. With change comes uncertainty and there is going to be a lot. We are all changing. Every one of us. Our bodies are changing our thoughts are changing, our systems are changing. All this change can lead to confusion and fatigue. This is why Selfcare and Selflove have never been more important than right now. By taking care of yourself and staying calm and grounded you are in a much better place to support and guide others through these turbulent times. Embodiment matters. We must listen to our bodies in order to care for our needs and those of others.

Peace, love, union, tolerance, and compassion are all results of co-creating from the divine feminine. How will you bring the divine feminine into your life to be of service?

Sending lots of love to all,


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