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introduction to classical feng shui

Feng Shui is the study of Qi that is always present in the physical environment. 

 At the centre of the philosophy and practice of Feng Shui is the awareness that the land is alive and filled with Qi (energy).  The ancient Chinese understood good Feng Shui to mean an environment that supports wealth and prosperity, peace of mind, good health, strong relationships and long life.


The term Feng itself means wind or air, and Shui, means water. The words together in a broader sense refer to the tangible and intangible energy patterns and forces of the physical environment. Feng Shui is about finding the positive Qi and tapping into it (by direction, location and formula). When a property and home has good Qi and is able to receive it the occupants of the property feel better, sleep better, have more energy and attract more opportunities.

It is important to distinguish Classical Feng Shui from New Age Feng Shui.

The term “classical” does not mean old fashioned. Classical Feng Shui refers to the use of classical Feng Shui theories. These theories are based on ancient texts along with centuries of substantiated evidence. They have proven themselves with time; the importance today is learning how to adapt the theories to modern situations.


New Age Feng Shui often called Black Hat or BTB describes categories of Feng Shui that do not utilize a compass or directions and rely on intention and symbolism and the placement of objects.  While authentic Feng Shui is complex, it is practiced on simple and sophisticated levels. 

Core theories of Classical Feng Shui involve an understanding of Qi and Landforms, the concepts of Yin and Yang, the Ba Gua, and the Five Elements. Core basics include understanding direction vs. location and understanding how Qi moves and flows and then applying these concepts to your home or business.

This presentation is very visual and informative. I hope to see you there!

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